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Great Reads for Teenagers and Young Adults


by Adele Geras

Harcourt Children's Books 2006

Ages: 10 and Up

Topic: Great Reads for Teenagers and Young Adults

The famous story of the The Odyssey by Homer is retold, this time from all those who are waiting for Odysseus to return. Primarily told through Klymene, the young handmaiden who is like a daughter to Penelope and who longs for the love of prince Telemachus, this powerful story captures the strength and patience of a woman's enduring love for her husband. It also unveils the corruptions and agony of the Trojan war.

Replete with visits from the gods, adventures and heartache, it is a breathtaking read with twists and turns which will captivate your teenagers and yes, they will come back some day, and read the original Odyssey.