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Life in Other Countries
It is important to introduce your child early to children from other countries so they can begin to try on life for size.

Kamishibai Man

by Allen Say

Houghton Mifflin/Walter Lorraine Books 2005

Ages: 7 to 10

Topic: Life in Other Countries

I have been a long admirer of Allen Say's art work and his master watercolor illustrations add a special luminous quality to this touching story set in Japan. In Japanese, kami means "paper" and shibai is "theater". This story tells the importance of the itinerant storytellers who used to travel on bicycles and gather children for shows of their paper theater stories, rewarding them with homemade candies afterwards. This dying art of the kamishibai storytellers is captured in a moving story of a retired man who wants to relive this experience with one last performance.

I was fortunate recently to hear Allen Say re-tell this story with the wooden box used by the original storytellers and I got a close look at his original art work, an experience I will never forget. This starred edition belongs to everyone everywhere.