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Book Suggestions

Life in Other Countries
It is important to introduce your child early to children from other countries so they can begin to try on life for size.

The Day of the Pelican

by Katherine Paterson

Clarion Books 2009

Ages: 10 and Up

Topic: Life in Other Countries

In this compassionate, powerful novel by award-winning Katherine Paterson, we revisit the plight of refugees. This time the Lleshi family escapes from Kosovo as they fight off the Serbs and land in a refugee camp. Thirteen-year-old Meli's life changes abruptly when the family immigrates to America. Their struggle to adjust to a new country is especially relevant to events today and helps us remember how hard it is to start life anew, especially after 9/11.

Since this book was selected as a Vermont state read-aloud, it is available in paperback for all communities to enjoy.