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Book Suggestions

Great Reads for Teenagers and Young Adults

Dark Angel

by David Klass

Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2005

Ages: 10 and Up

Topic: Great Reads for Teenagers and Young Adults

A well written book for teenagers, this gripping and suspenseful story is about a seventeen year old boy Jeff whose brother Troy returns unexpectedly from prison and makes a mess of his life at school, at home and even with his girlfriend, Beth. A multilayered novel about good and evil and the powerful bond of a family, David Klass explores unconditional love, fear, faith and theories of human behavior. It is a chilling read, written skillfully by a master screenwriter, and one which your teenager won't be able to put down.

Be sure to look for David Klass' new book coming out this fall called Firestorm, a must read for every young person interested in saving our environment.