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The King's Equal

by Katherine Paterson

Illustrated by Curtis Woodbridge

HarperTrophy 1999

Ages: 7 to 10

Topic: Books You'll Want to Give as Gifts to Everyone

A young prince, Raphael. hears the words of his dying father, "You will not wear my crown until the day you marry a woman who is equal in beauty, intelligence and wealth." He has trouble finding such a young woman, until one day, a maiden, Rosamund, is sent to him by a mysterious talking wolf. She dazzles him with her beauty, her intelligence (she recognizes that he is lonely) and yes, her wealth. (She does not want or need anything.) She tells him that he must earn her love.

Katherine Paterson weaves all the elements of a traditional fairytale including exquisite language, repetitive language and even the number 3, but she gives it new twist. The luminous illustrations will dazzle your listeners. This is one story they'll want to hear over and over again, specially in the elementary years.