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Gifts for the New Baby
In addition to the traditional beloved gifts of Good Night Moon and Pat the Bunny, here are some suggestions to welcome a newborn baby to this world.

Hush, Little Baby

Illustrated by Brian Pinkney

Greenwillow 2006

Ages: Birth to 3

Topic: Gifts for the New Baby

What an elegant, exuberant version of the southern Appalachian lullaby, Hush Little Baby! Brian Pinkney, a Caldecott honor award illustrator has put this familiar song in a new context. Here we have a picture of an African American family in early 1900's in which Mama has to go off to work and Papa is at home caring for the little ones. The words dance across the pages and the pictures make you smile. What joy this book will bring to all new families! Also, there is a wonderful piano arrangement at the end of the lullaby for you to play and sing to your baby.