Children's Book Lady
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Custom Suggestions

Children’s literature is my passion. Throughout my career as a teacher, professor and educational consultant, I have worked with parents and educators to review and select children’s books. Let me help you choose books that could have a positive impact on the children in your life.

For Parents

Interested in using my expertise to guide you in your search for books to read to your child? Whether it is for a family read aloud or for an individual reader, I can customize a list of recommendations tailored to your child’s individual preferences.

For Educators

Getting parents excited about new books is always a memorable occasion. I have been doing "book talks" for the past ten years and in Nantucket, it is already a much anticipated yearly event. Let me set-up a thrilling evening seminar to allow parents in your neighborhood to get to know and see some of the special books that have recently been published.

I can also guide librarians and teachers in selecting books that bridge across the content areas. I am happy to design a special consultation to meet your needs and budget.

Finally, I also consult with architects and their teams in designing spaces and creative places where children love to read. Contact me to see if I can help with your special project!